Invited Speakers

We are proud to announce keynote speeches by the following invited speakers:

Pierre Baldi

(abstract) (slides*)

University of California, Irvine

Gerhard Brewka

(abstract) (slides*)

University of Leipzig

Luc De Raedt

(abstract) (slides*)

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Wolfgang Wahlster

(abstract) (slides*)

Saarland University

*: Accessible for participants of the conference, only.

Historical Session

Being the 40th anniversary of the German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, we are planning a special Historical Session including a panel discussion.


Katharina Morik

Hans-Hellmut Nagel

Bernd Neumann

Jörg Siekmann


Ulrich Furbach


The Historical Session has been captured on video, which is accessible for participants of the conference, only. Klick to load the introductory talks of or the panel discussion into the container below.


Participants of the conference find photos here.