Workshop WS-B: ZooOperation

ZooOperation Challenge & Workshop

We are sad to announce that the workshop has been cancelled.

At this year's KI we are running an AI competition to provide an opportunity to test AI concepts in an application, namely a cooperative platform game. Everyone is welcome to submit, we especially encurage submissions from students and student groups.

Participants are asked to provide an AI that controls multiple agents in a cooperative platformer game called ZooOperation. The different agents in the game have unique abilities with which they are able to help each other finish the level. Please find a trailer of the gameplay below.

In addition to the competition, we are running a workshop where participants have the opportunity to present their solutions and discuss them with the KI community. The winners of the competition will be announced at the workshop.

The main challenges the controllers face are:

Game trailer

Competition Details

The submitted AIs will be tested on 2 types of levels:

We provide levels to test your AI for download. The competition contains the same challenges as provided in the test levels, but the level setup might be different.


The submissions are ranked according to the number of regular levels they finished. In case of a draw we use the number of small level finished as a secondary ranking criterion, any remaining ties will be broken using the game ticks used to finish the levels.

Apart from the playing time used in the scoring, the controllers are not required to make quick real-time decisions, but instead have a maximum of 8 minutes to beat a level.


The game and some test levels are available for download, as well as sample AIs.

Participants are encouraged to test and develop their AI locally and submit their developed AI to out competition server below.

Participants are encouraged to discuss their approaches in the mailing list Any issues discovered with the game should also be addressed there. The mailing list is also intended for announcements by the organisers.


The results of the competition will be announced during a workshop that accompanies the competition. Participants of the competition are invited to submit an abstract to present their submission in this workshop not later than September 18th, 2017. Abstract which have to be in English and formatted according to the Springer LNCS style and are not loner than two pages (excluding references). Abstracts are to be submitted via e-mail to with the subject [ZooOperation] Workshop-Abstract.

The talks can feature techniques, strategies and/or clever ideas used in the intelligent agent the presenter implemented, as well as problems they encountered in the development process. On top of the talks, we plan a general discussion of the participants about their AIs and what lessons can be learned from the results of the competition.


This competition is organised by Vanessa Volz and Christian Eichhorn at TU Dortmund University. We look forward to your contributions.

Competition Server

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